On the 13 Moon Calendar, 25th July is the Day Out of Time.
A midsummer Sylvester to toast with mohito and watermelon.
It is no day of the month, and no day of the week; as it was intended to be a spacious day between the end of a 13 moon cycle and the beginning of a new one. I like the feeling of s p a c i o u s .

Lately there has been lots of changing round here: we have been moving in and out, settling back in Italy after some time in Austria, I have been starting to write for a parenting magazine, giving birth, getting my first freelance money, breast feeding, gardening, wash-machining, writing down my #100HAPPYDAYS, indulging in my flip flops and counting my sons 1,2,3!
So now… what creativity can I invite into my life? What’s next? How much MORE can I get?

25th of July has been just the perfect fresh start excuse I was calling into my universe to expand it! So I have been wondering: what if I instituted a thematic-creative month from now on? Until let’s say December, where I’ll probably champagne-toast to new New Year’s resolutions!

There it goes: every month will have a creative thread and I’ll be posting every uneven day! PLUS, one week out of four, will be dedicated to kids __________ creativity! (fill in the blank with fav activity you are willing to entitle your month to)
PLUS PLUS you’ll get Italian translation every even numbered day! What else is possible? What will that generate? How much FUN can that be?

Oh. And tomorrow is an other uneven day! Two in a row!!! How did we get so lucky! Starting out with a cicada chatting, sunny, brand new August! Wow!

Prendo il sole in faccia e bevo molta pioggia!


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