August the 1st

There it goes with my first try at writing! That’s the prompt:

“Your character moves into a new apartment. On the surface, the place seemed ideal, but his/her first night there, your character discovers a terrible problem with the place that he/she didn’t take into account…”

And that’s what I came out with:

Mameli street, 45. Even the name sounded respectable. And the brassy number 45 quietly sparkled with such a perfect antique shimmering. Yes, that was definitely the house of a hungry financial counselor.
Thomas Twig stroke the consumed wooden hand-rail with the deep satisfaction of a kid grown in a poor family. Mocked from such a derisive last name.
The fresh plaster filled his lungs as he slipped off his leather slippers and into his striped light grey pajamas jacket.
He checked the alarm has been set and sinked into the nicely ironed white-linen covered quilt.
Every white ironed shirt, paired with a polka dotted tie oozed elegance and balance and a meticulous attention to matching details. Appearances were doing just fine.
The stars twinkled proudly in the velvet black sky over the distinct street. And over number 45.
A rolling-shutter quietly buzzed her way through the night. Thomas Twig opened the eyes with surprise: a shop? Residential neighborhood have no shops.
He leaned to the window.

Amir was adjusting his falling trousers to cover his ass. He stretched down his t-shirt of Vegas Wrestling Fan Club and pushed the button.
The green neon flashed over the sidewalk. Amir Pizza and Kebab 24/7.

Thomas gasped as he rushed down with a brand new cricket bat in his hand. With a flutter of dressing gown, the door slammed.

I know it’s waaaay too long and your eyes fall down by the third line. And it has nothing to do with a children novel, it’s more of the incipit of a very long one. Well, I love to say that

Perfection is the first enemy of productivity

So, you know, bring it on! With those shitty first drafts! 🙂


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