Writing with kids: 4 tools to get you started and keep you sane

Hang on a sec. Creativity. Writing month. Lot of stuff on my plate and some freelance job. Cool. Now, how do you really manage to do that with three kids?
As in, you know, real life. 5, 2 and almost 2 months. Seems like a lot, right? U-uh. Could be MUCH more. In fact I keep asking myself what I can possibly add to my life today and how can I receive even more!
Thing is: are you willing to receive?

So, here are the tools:
1) Lists.
I do weekly write and re-arrange an absurd number of sheets labeled with names such as: “businesses”, “being my priority”, “summer kids crafts”, “projects” and so on. Markers, shapes to underline the main points and sketches.
Re-setting things on a weekly basis or so, allows you to quickly move forwards as you achieve your goals and keep asking: what would be fun for me now? Result? You feel more connected to yourself and motivated to move forward, goal after goal!

2) Keep it simple.
I am a serial promise-maker. With perfect free good will and spotless conscience I’d seriously do it. Whatever it is. Normally enormous amount of work in a very very limited time. Oh and deliver you coffee too, cause I’d think random acts of kindness are the top. And I still have three kids, remember? Which is kind of fun actually, not feeling any limit or limitation in your world I mean. Though.
Keep it simple suggest to break the task in small bits. And remember to forget grandiosity. Remember to forget being Super Woman with a cape and the greatest hair between Super Women. Remember to forget Perfection with Disney’s sparkly star shining at the end of the word. So, I could as well go back to my decision of posting translations every even day. I feel like beginning to blog right now: what if I stopped judging it as too little thing and acknowledge I am doing it one chunk at time? It’s easier to start in English. One day I’ll post in Italian too. Just saying.
So I’ll add this: Break it into small chunks. Don’t promise a handful of those: just one. Make it valuable. Which lead us to number

3) Make it valuable. Time. Use a timer and do the same as with project: break it into small chunks! 30 minutes to an hour chunk of perfect sharp focus. Than gratify yourself with a walk or even a tennis match or cooking Pasta alla Norma. Acknowledge you have being focused and productive and celebrate it! Then move on to the next 30 minutes!

4) Nights.
Yes I said it.
Coffee would be great but I really don’t enjoy it. The darkest side of Espresso are those Italian black sheep that would rather drink chamomile or an Irish liquor instead of that silky-sandy cup of mud. Gobbled down before university exams and then forever forgotten in the pantry.
So what? If you are let’s say… breast feeding too. How the frigging hell are you supposed to keep awake? And not have an hyper baby hiccuping on your lap.
The answer is sadly predictable: work out and eat healthy food. Increase oxygen amount in your body. Think happy thoughts.
If I happen to discover any legal drug without side-effects that allows you to stay awake for many days in a row I’ll let you know, I promise!

Do you have any suggestion about writing and mommying? I’d love to hear from them!!!
Oh and check out this: nice inspiration for wannabe writer moms and dads!


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