Mastermind is about next steps

Today I have been wondering about Therapeutic Writing.

So, what is it and how does it work?
You basically write down a bunch of disordered and mixed up feeling (in form of a list or novel or drama or sketch or whatever feels lighter for you) and aim to get unstuck from a situation that makes you feel uncomfy.
It does feel kind of a personal coin tray to get all the crap out of your pockets, bin the chewing-gum wraps and bus tickets and get some order out of it.
Now, what’s next?
Say you got rid of trash and jeans peach fuzz. Now what?

A) You read back at all the crap and notice that you wrote a lot. You haven’t been writing THAT much since your biology open question quiz say…10 years ago? Aw. Your life is going down the drain. Miserable you. You should definitely consider talking to someone. Maybe it’s a childhood trauma haunting you, like a poltergeist. Geez.

B) Oh boy now you feel so much lighter. You have it all listed and written down so in case you might wanna ruin yourself an afternoon, you can read through and methodically feel less powerful and overwhelmed.
No way you’re doing it now though! You feel much more like having a nice run with your dog or give it a go to a friendly tennis match!

That is the difference between a I-need-a-support-group-approach and a mastermind mindset.
Support group heal past issues, back-up hard disks and can earn you precious tools for managing future issues. Mastermind is about next steps. A mastermind creates elegant out-of-the-box ideas, a mastermind challenges you to face the-solution-you-already-are and might not be willing to acknowledge. A mastermind gently pushes you forward. Mistakes and shitty drafts are back, together with flashes of genius and successful steps you took. That’s past. Hakuna Matata.
Would you be willing to step into your presence now?
Is now the moment to move forward?

I’d love to hear how that works for you and if you have any creativity you’d like to step into that you forever postponed so you could moan and feel miserable and unaccomplished!

What can you create NOW?

You can read more here:
kids book is doing just fine! So funny how bites of it pops into my brain, as if caught by a butterfly net!


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