Creative parenting

As my 5-years-old son left for a month and a half ski camp in Argentina, I have been wondering on how to make him feel mommish-energy from that far away.
Mommish the way I am his mom: inventing silly lullabies, wrapping unexpected surprises and creating a deep energetic connection. Just to make sure he knows I am here for him, anytime.

So how the hell do I do?
That question haunted me for the two days before the flight, when I couldn’t really measure up with the struggling and sadness and uncomfortable feeling of him leaving. What could I write in such a feeling-sorry-for-myself mood where every moment was the “last flower bath we are having before you’ll be back” and “last pancake breakfast we cook” and “last night cuddling”?
Help comes unexpected while having an ice cream at my cousin’s place. (Yeah “the last afternoon ice cream until you’ll be back”.) She ask him if he’ll miss mom a little bit or, you know, not at all and he says: “I don’t know, I don’t miss her right now.”

Knocked my socks off.
Sure he wasn’t missing me, I was in front of him, leaning on the kitchen counter. And flash! He made me instantly realize how much projection we keep in our lives that lock us in past grieves or future sadnesses. Hell! What about giving up all that trauma and drama and live in the present?! As a present? Presently?

Anyway: that allowed me to feel much lighter and actually write him 8 Monday letters + a One Month Limited Edition letter. Colors, stickers, glitters and itty bitty funny treats like moustache and dinosaurs tattoos, a tea bag with crystal sugar, gummy bears and a green hair gel (can’t wait for THAT picture!).
I had to keep light the envelopes because all the stuff they had to carry but it has been as satisfying and fun as it was supposed to be!
Cris will handle him an envelope a week and the deal is done!

Now, what would YOU do? Would that be fun? Could writing be a way to connect with your kid while he is far away? Would that parenting love-energy kick your butt to actually CREATE something new and fun that could happily surprise you and your kid?

Flood me with creative ideas!!!


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