Three tools for when creativity… Omg, where is she?!?

I love inspiring communication.
Being both on the source and the reaching end of it, expands me so much you can easily spot me singing with my earphones on, stop to make a happy dance on a bridge while running or wave smiling “Hi!” to each and everyone crossing my way!
Creativity is… oh boy, I’d love to have an outstanding knocking-your-socks-off definition for that! Well, for me its all about moving. Next steps. Turning into dance moves or bunny hops. Movement makes my body sing and my mind clutter-free and peaceful, I happen to be way more focused and grateful and in a creative-receiving-mode that boost any idea to a firework explosion!
I live on a frequent exhilaration-mushroom vibe. Don’t know exactly why, I guess it might be for the thousands of ongoing projects I work on, that excite me so much!

Now, what happens when you wake up in the morning and creativity is…where is she? Omg and joy-for-living?! Where is my joy for living?! Jeez. You know, those morning you might as well go back to sleep.
So, here are some turning-the-tables you might wanna try:

A) what can you ADD to your life today?
When you get that uncomfy feeling of things settled and running into the dead-end of routine, you might wanna consider ADDING something to your life! Say, give it a try to vegan cooking or paint your nightstand with your fav colour or go for a run or get out your glue gun and fix something! (I know you, that teapot spout is still lingering on that dusty window sill, uh?)
Start something new!

B) Don’t confuse self-esteem with performances. Seems like you can’t get your head around that particular thing. You try very hard but it just doesn’t seems to work. So what about, instead of judging you and consequently letting you down and assume you are a failure, what about changing that? What if low performances are something we can learn form and use it to deepen our self-esteem? What if we could accept, greet and transform devaluation?

And BONUS freebie… A great inspiring class is coming up to Italy this month and it’s ALL going to be about CREATING!
And it’s going to be INSPIRING!
And it will knock-your-socks-off!
And I’ll be live-translating to Italian! So let’s sparkle and boogie and get your pads and pens out, we are taking off!!!

What could THAT add to your life?!?


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