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Twitch from elephant on the chest to humming bird

Can you relate to a real life situation where your arms fall to the ground and you feel a heavy *tunk* in your chest? Your face warms up, hands shiver and you inner-gasp to get back in control?

When that happens to me I can’t sit still. I’m so much into the trauma and drama of my soap-opera that I keep on moving. Sit, stand, grab my face with a grunt, take the keys to get out for a walk and decide I should definitely see a movie to relax and help not to think. I’d whatsapp the characters, smash a phone into the ground, howl into the wind like a wounded wolf.
I put up a big mess to cast the tragic scenario of my life and I act desperate to match with my confused feelings.

Today I just stopped playing that for a flake of second and asked to myself: Fine, now: is that creating more or less into my life? Is that expansive?

Then why would I choose it?

The shivering turned down and dropped, just like the heat on my face and I couldn’t wipe a sudden smile off my face.
Was that true to me? Than why on earth would i choose it?!
And guess what? Dropping all that drama allowed me to have instantly MORE space. I wasn’t functioning from a itty bitty space of sadness or jealousy or vengeance or anger. I wasn’t choosing the lack of possibilities, instead I opted for something else. That would make me happier. That would make me light.
Less trapped into judgment and polarity of hassle/best buddy. Less into defense mode. Less scared.
More open. More willing to receive, whatever that was. More peaceful and smiling, standing on my feet.

There is something about the possibilities of MORE – more tequila, more love, more anything. More is better.

Grey’s Anatomy

Would you carry an elephant on your chest if you could instead twitch into being an humming bird and fly from hibiscus to hibiscus?
What are you willing to let go, today?


Three tools for when creativity… Omg, where is she?!?

I love inspiring communication.
Being both on the source and the reaching end of it, expands me so much you can easily spot me singing with my earphones on, stop to make a happy dance on a bridge while running or wave smiling “Hi!” to each and everyone crossing my way!
Creativity is… oh boy, I’d love to have an outstanding knocking-your-socks-off definition for that! Well, for me its all about moving. Next steps. Turning into dance moves or bunny hops. Movement makes my body sing and my mind clutter-free and peaceful, I happen to be way more focused and grateful and in a creative-receiving-mode that boost any idea to a firework explosion!
I live on a frequent exhilaration-mushroom vibe. Don’t know exactly why, I guess it might be for the thousands of ongoing projects I work on, that excite me so much!

Now, what happens when you wake up in the morning and creativity is…where is she? Omg and joy-for-living?! Where is my joy for living?! Jeez. You know, those morning you might as well go back to sleep.
So, here are some turning-the-tables you might wanna try:

A) what can you ADD to your life today?
When you get that uncomfy feeling of things settled and running into the dead-end of routine, you might wanna consider ADDING something to your life! Say, give it a try to vegan cooking or paint your nightstand with your fav colour or go for a run or get out your glue gun and fix something! (I know you, that teapot spout is still lingering on that dusty window sill, uh?)
Start something new!

B) Don’t confuse self-esteem with performances. Seems like you can’t get your head around that particular thing. You try very hard but it just doesn’t seems to work. So what about, instead of judging you and consequently letting you down and assume you are a failure, what about changing that? What if low performances are something we can learn form and use it to deepen our self-esteem? What if we could accept, greet and transform devaluation?

And BONUS freebie… A great inspiring class is coming up to Italy this month and it’s ALL going to be about CREATING!
And it’s going to be INSPIRING!
And it will knock-your-socks-off!
And I’ll be live-translating to Italian! So let’s sparkle and boogie and get your pads and pens out, we are taking off!!!

What could THAT add to your life?!?

Creative parenting

As my 5-years-old son left for a month and a half ski camp in Argentina, I have been wondering on how to make him feel mommish-energy from that far away.
Mommish the way I am his mom: inventing silly lullabies, wrapping unexpected surprises and creating a deep energetic connection. Just to make sure he knows I am here for him, anytime.

So how the hell do I do?
That question haunted me for the two days before the flight, when I couldn’t really measure up with the struggling and sadness and uncomfortable feeling of him leaving. What could I write in such a feeling-sorry-for-myself mood where every moment was the “last flower bath we are having before you’ll be back” and “last pancake breakfast we cook” and “last night cuddling”?
Help comes unexpected while having an ice cream at my cousin’s place. (Yeah “the last afternoon ice cream until you’ll be back”.) She ask him if he’ll miss mom a little bit or, you know, not at all and he says: “I don’t know, I don’t miss her right now.”

Knocked my socks off.
Sure he wasn’t missing me, I was in front of him, leaning on the kitchen counter. And flash! He made me instantly realize how much projection we keep in our lives that lock us in past grieves or future sadnesses. Hell! What about giving up all that trauma and drama and live in the present?! As a present? Presently?

Anyway: that allowed me to feel much lighter and actually write him 8 Monday letters + a One Month Limited Edition letter. Colors, stickers, glitters and itty bitty funny treats like moustache and dinosaurs tattoos, a tea bag with crystal sugar, gummy bears and a green hair gel (can’t wait for THAT picture!).
I had to keep light the envelopes because all the stuff they had to carry but it has been as satisfying and fun as it was supposed to be!
Cris will handle him an envelope a week and the deal is done!

Now, what would YOU do? Would that be fun? Could writing be a way to connect with your kid while he is far away? Would that parenting love-energy kick your butt to actually CREATE something new and fun that could happily surprise you and your kid?

Flood me with creative ideas!!!

Mastermind is about next steps

Today I have been wondering about Therapeutic Writing.

So, what is it and how does it work?
You basically write down a bunch of disordered and mixed up feeling (in form of a list or novel or drama or sketch or whatever feels lighter for you) and aim to get unstuck from a situation that makes you feel uncomfy.
It does feel kind of a personal coin tray to get all the crap out of your pockets, bin the chewing-gum wraps and bus tickets and get some order out of it.
Now, what’s next?
Say you got rid of trash and jeans peach fuzz. Now what?

A) You read back at all the crap and notice that you wrote a lot. You haven’t been writing THAT much since your biology open question quiz say…10 years ago? Aw. Your life is going down the drain. Miserable you. You should definitely consider talking to someone. Maybe it’s a childhood trauma haunting you, like a poltergeist. Geez.

B) Oh boy now you feel so much lighter. You have it all listed and written down so in case you might wanna ruin yourself an afternoon, you can read through and methodically feel less powerful and overwhelmed.
No way you’re doing it now though! You feel much more like having a nice run with your dog or give it a go to a friendly tennis match!

That is the difference between a I-need-a-support-group-approach and a mastermind mindset.
Support group heal past issues, back-up hard disks and can earn you precious tools for managing future issues. Mastermind is about next steps. A mastermind creates elegant out-of-the-box ideas, a mastermind challenges you to face the-solution-you-already-are and might not be willing to acknowledge. A mastermind gently pushes you forward. Mistakes and shitty drafts are back, together with flashes of genius and successful steps you took. That’s past. Hakuna Matata.
Would you be willing to step into your presence now?
Is now the moment to move forward?

I’d love to hear how that works for you and if you have any creativity you’d like to step into that you forever postponed so you could moan and feel miserable and unaccomplished!

What can you create NOW?

You can read more here:
kids book is doing just fine! So funny how bites of it pops into my brain, as if caught by a butterfly net!

The 1,2,3 of Writing Month challenge

Say you are willing to take your creative Writing Month Challenge seriously and toast on the 31st with a satisfying draft of a children novel on your notes… What would you do? What would your next step be?

My first step was to set up my intention: write a children’s picture book using the tools of Access Consciousness.

Second step has been to write. Un-apologetically. Judgments keep you stuck and contracted so what about giving up those? And enjoy the creative process and every nonsensical thing that pops out of your brain?

Third step is to slip in some extra time and look for some tools: writing inspiration and writers blogs. So, as we were speaking about time management, here is what landed in my mail box today!
Hope you enjoy it and see if it works for you!

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Writing with kids: 4 tools to get you started and keep you sane

Hang on a sec. Creativity. Writing month. Lot of stuff on my plate and some freelance job. Cool. Now, how do you really manage to do that with three kids?
As in, you know, real life. 5, 2 and almost 2 months. Seems like a lot, right? U-uh. Could be MUCH more. In fact I keep asking myself what I can possibly add to my life today and how can I receive even more!
Thing is: are you willing to receive?

So, here are the tools:
1) Lists.
I do weekly write and re-arrange an absurd number of sheets labeled with names such as: “businesses”, “being my priority”, “summer kids crafts”, “projects” and so on. Markers, shapes to underline the main points and sketches.
Re-setting things on a weekly basis or so, allows you to quickly move forwards as you achieve your goals and keep asking: what would be fun for me now? Result? You feel more connected to yourself and motivated to move forward, goal after goal!

2) Keep it simple.
I am a serial promise-maker. With perfect free good will and spotless conscience I’d seriously do it. Whatever it is. Normally enormous amount of work in a very very limited time. Oh and deliver you coffee too, cause I’d think random acts of kindness are the top. And I still have three kids, remember? Which is kind of fun actually, not feeling any limit or limitation in your world I mean. Though.
Keep it simple suggest to break the task in small bits. And remember to forget grandiosity. Remember to forget being Super Woman with a cape and the greatest hair between Super Women. Remember to forget Perfection with Disney’s sparkly star shining at the end of the word. So, I could as well go back to my decision of posting translations every even day. I feel like beginning to blog right now: what if I stopped judging it as too little thing and acknowledge I am doing it one chunk at time? It’s easier to start in English. One day I’ll post in Italian too. Just saying.
So I’ll add this: Break it into small chunks. Don’t promise a handful of those: just one. Make it valuable. Which lead us to number

3) Make it valuable. Time. Use a timer and do the same as with project: break it into small chunks! 30 minutes to an hour chunk of perfect sharp focus. Than gratify yourself with a walk or even a tennis match or cooking Pasta alla Norma. Acknowledge you have being focused and productive and celebrate it! Then move on to the next 30 minutes!

4) Nights.
Yes I said it.
Coffee would be great but I really don’t enjoy it. The darkest side of Espresso are those Italian black sheep that would rather drink chamomile or an Irish liquor instead of that silky-sandy cup of mud. Gobbled down before university exams and then forever forgotten in the pantry.
So what? If you are let’s say… breast feeding too. How the frigging hell are you supposed to keep awake? And not have an hyper baby hiccuping on your lap.
The answer is sadly predictable: work out and eat healthy food. Increase oxygen amount in your body. Think happy thoughts.
If I happen to discover any legal drug without side-effects that allows you to stay awake for many days in a row I’ll let you know, I promise!

Do you have any suggestion about writing and mommying? I’d love to hear from them!!!
Oh and check out this: nice inspiration for wannabe writer moms and dads!

August the 1st

There it goes with my first try at writing! That’s the prompt:

“Your character moves into a new apartment. On the surface, the place seemed ideal, but his/her first night there, your character discovers a terrible problem with the place that he/she didn’t take into account…”

And that’s what I came out with:

Mameli street, 45. Even the name sounded respectable. And the brassy number 45 quietly sparkled with such a perfect antique shimmering. Yes, that was definitely the house of a hungry financial counselor.
Thomas Twig stroke the consumed wooden hand-rail with the deep satisfaction of a kid grown in a poor family. Mocked from such a derisive last name.
The fresh plaster filled his lungs as he slipped off his leather slippers and into his striped light grey pajamas jacket.
He checked the alarm has been set and sinked into the nicely ironed white-linen covered quilt.
Every white ironed shirt, paired with a polka dotted tie oozed elegance and balance and a meticulous attention to matching details. Appearances were doing just fine.
The stars twinkled proudly in the velvet black sky over the distinct street. And over number 45.
A rolling-shutter quietly buzzed her way through the night. Thomas Twig opened the eyes with surprise: a shop? Residential neighborhood have no shops.
He leaned to the window.

Amir was adjusting his falling trousers to cover his ass. He stretched down his t-shirt of Vegas Wrestling Fan Club and pushed the button.
The green neon flashed over the sidewalk. Amir Pizza and Kebab 24/7.

Thomas gasped as he rushed down with a brand new cricket bat in his hand. With a flutter of dressing gown, the door slammed.
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